Computer Science

Computer Science Degree Program

Jan 14, 2015 |
A computer science degree is a versatile degree that may be applied to many different areas in the technological world. Students who wish to be successful in this field should earn at least a 4-year ... Read more

Importance of Computer Forensics

Dec 5, 2014 |
Computer forensics is the process of using the latest knowledge of science and technology with computer sciences to collect, analyze and present proofs to the criminal or civil courts. Network ... Read more

Computer Science Or Aerospace Engineering - It's a Tough Choice

Dec 5, 2014 |
When asked about the most useful major, it is easy to think in generic terms of wealth and fortune. If so, a major in the computer sciences would prove lucrative. With a median salary of $80,000 and a ... Read more

Project Topics for Computer Science Students

Dec 5, 2014 |
One amazing thing about final year projects is that it can boost or mar your overall CGPA. So it's best to endeavor to make your project earn you nothing less than a B. This thread is dedicated to ... Read more

The Evolution of Technology - The History of Computers

Dec 5, 2014 |
While computers are now an important part of the lives of human beings, there was a time where computers did not exist. Knowing the history of computers and how much progression has been made can help ... Read more

Types of Computer Degrees

Dec 5, 2014 |
Computers have continued to evolve since their inception decades ago and today we can definitely proclaim that we are living in a computer age. There are few facets of our lives that remain untouched ... Read more

Virtual Library: Computing and Computer Science

Apr 8, 2016 |
Directory of virtual libraries for computers and computer sciences. ... Read more

Computer Science and Bioinformatics

Apr 8, 2016 |
Information on the department's academic and administrative objectives, program offerings, faculty, and staff. ... Read more

Computer Science Department

Apr 8, 2016 |
Presents program information, a faculty and staff directory, and postings for career and internship opportunities. ... Read more