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Work Identities in Europe

Apr 18, 2015 |
This e-book download was originally published as 'Work Identities in Europe', Career Development International Volume 9, Issue 3. ... Read more

Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set

Apr 14, 2015 |
This boxed set includes the seven phenomenal  Harry Potter  hardcover books by best selling author J.K. Rowling. The books are housed in a collectible trunk-like box with sturdy handles ... Read more

Encyclopedia of Machine Learning

Apr 11, 2015 |
-Over 250 entries covering key concepts and terms in the broad field of machine learning. Entries include in-depth essays and definitions, historical background, key applications, and bibliographies ... Read more

NGOs in Contemporary Britain

Apr 11, 2015 |
The history of post-war Britain can only be properly understood with reference to the phenomenon of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They have been right at the heart of every major ... Read more

Before It Is Too Late with Aurelio Peccei

Apr 11, 2015 |
Aurelio Peccei (1908-84), founder of the Club of Rome, was a wartime resistance fighter, leading industrialist, and the founding president of one of the world’s first think tanks to sound a ... Read more