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eBay Home Business Tutorial: Is Creating Ebooks With Adobe Professional A Good Idea?

Jan 7, 2015 |
In my previous eBay auction tutorials, I talked about how someone - a lot of someones - are willing to pay for your knowledge, whether it's a soup recipe, bowling tips, or just about anything!  ... Read more

Free Ebooks - eBooks To Change the Way we Read and Write

Nov 18, 2014 |
The PC and the internet revolutionalized the way we do business and the divertissements we now take for granted at home. They brought a new paradigm that shattered the boundaries separating the home ... Read more

Are eBook Readers Worth It

Nov 18, 2014 |
Each day, people think of how to make their way of living to somehow improve or become better than the present. Thus, they come to develop new ideas and then devices that have benefits to them either ... Read more

Ebooks on Birdwatching

Nov 18, 2014 |
Birdwatching or Birding is a recreational activity, which is enjoyed by many individuals. There are several ebooks available on birdwatching by different authors, which are full of information about ... Read more

Free Ebooks - Ebook Styles That Work And The Benefits You Can Get

Nov 18, 2014 |
As a writer, is there anything different when you create an eBook than simply writing a book? Yes there is. You CREATE an eBook, whereas you WRITE a book. That alone makes a whole lot of distinction. ... Read more

Work Identities in Europe

Apr 18, 2015 |
This e-book download was originally published as 'Work Identities in Europe', Career Development International Volume 9, Issue 3. ... Read more

Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set

Apr 14, 2015 |
This boxed set includes the seven phenomenal  Harry Potter  hardcover books by best selling author J.K. Rowling. The books are housed in a collectible trunk-like box with sturdy handles ... Read more

Encyclopedia of Machine Learning

Apr 11, 2015 |
-Over 250 entries covering key concepts and terms in the broad field of machine learning. Entries include in-depth essays and definitions, historical background, key applications, and bibliographies ... Read more

NGOs in Contemporary Britain

Apr 11, 2015 |
The history of post-war Britain can only be properly understood with reference to the phenomenon of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They have been right at the heart of every major ... Read more

Before It Is Too Late with Aurelio Peccei

Apr 11, 2015 |
Aurelio Peccei (1908-84), founder of the Club of Rome, was a wartime resistance fighter, leading industrialist, and the founding president of one of the world’s first think tanks to sound a ... Read more


Mar 10, 2016 |
Blog sharing news and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics. ... Read more