China Versus USA - Let the Super Computer Contest Continue

Jan 7, 2015 |
Perhaps you noticed that last year the Chinese had surpassed the US in super computer speed. Luckily, when they beat us, they also happened to be using US Technology and their super computer system ... Read more

Do Not Compromise When Buying Computer Printer Ink!

Dec 31, 2014 |
You should not compromise when you have to replace computer printer ink. You have to get the ink that your printer requires. As you know the computer printer ink is expensive, but you will get what ... Read more

Online Contests to Win Prizes

Nov 17, 2014 |
Not everyone can afford hi-tech laptops but no matter how hard we deny, they are an inevitable part of every professional's life. If you refrain from indulging yourself in some retail therapy owing to ... Read more

Ways You Can Use Online Contests for Your Benefit

Nov 17, 2014 |
E-quizzes are a big business today with tons of people hooked to them! Their quality of instant gratification, owing to the rewards offered, level of ease and convenience make them a hit among net ... Read more

Benefits of Participating in an online kid’s talent contest

Nov 17, 2014 |
Kids are such joys to have. They are fun to be with and they are curious about lots of things. They love to explore and find copy and discover new skills. Sometimes, they develop skills by seeing them ... Read more

Essay contest

Nov 17, 2014 |
Essay contest holders may hold different types of essay contests. Some contest holders may allow you to write on any topic to participate. Others only allow you to write on a range of topics. An Essay ... Read more

Win Writing Contests - New Tips to Win Quickly

Nov 17, 2014 |
Have you ever dreamed of a fresh system to win writing contests - fast? Try these easy to use ideas to succeed in competitions. Explore them for yourself and shape them to your present requirements. ... Read more

USC Programming Contest

Apr 11, 2016 |
University of Southern California programming contest. Presents answers to frequently asked questions and information on rules or mechanics. ... Read more

Al Zimmermann's Programming Contests

Apr 11, 2016 |
Provides schedules of current and upcoming computer programmer contests including information on standings and prizes. ... Read more

Virtual Source Programming Contests

Apr 11, 2016 |
Presents programming contests that require participants to produce the best solutions to sets of computationally intensive problems. ... Read more

Internet Problem Solving Contest (IPSC)

Apr 11, 2016 |
Online contest where teams write a program that solves the problems posted by IPSC facilitators. ... Read more

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest

Apr 11, 2016 |
Offers links to contest sites, with details on rules, guidelines, goals, and news. ... Read more


Apr 11, 2016 |
Annual contest for computer programming, hardware control, computer art, digital content, and photography. ... Read more