Signs That an Employee Is Perpetrating Workers Compensation Fraud and What Happens Next

An employee has just filed a Workers Compensation claim due to a work-related injury. The injury is not an obvious one; such as a lower back (lumbar) injury, anxiety or stress, carpal tunnel, etc. Luckily. you have Workers Compensation Insurance that will handle processing all of the paperwork and take care of costs. Additionally, the insurance adjuster or examiner will look for any red flags regarding the claim. If any red flags are hoisted, it is quite possible that a private investigator will be hired to conduct a scene investigation, take statements from the claimant and witnesses, and, in most cases, perform surveillance on the claimant. These investigations may result in discovery of insurance fraud or just a denied claim. Either way, the red flags that were hoisted by the adjuster/examiner resulted in your company not incurring a claim on your record that may result in an increase in premiums.
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